My name is David Baumgart and I am a digital artist.

Or at least I'm trying to get away with making art while playing around with making all kinds of things through all the various means of making stuff that I happen to become interested in while living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Like a lumberjack.

Check out my journal and my wordpress blog, if you like.

As for business,

I am looking for graphics work, so please have a look at my gallery to view my portfolio. I'm particularly interested in:

  • pixel art
  • concept art
  • UI elements, UI design
  • icons & logos
  • static & animated sprites
  • terrain, map, and tileset art
  • painted backgrounds
  • website graphics
  • graphics for iphone & mobile apps and games
I am quite willing to discuss any sort of art & design work you might have in mind!

I have experience with graphics & game programming which enables me to better understand implementation and offer useful advice with regard to the technical aspects of fulfilling graphical requirements.

Please feel free to contact me about whatever graphics jobs you might need done and perhaps we can work something out.

My email address is