This is a gallery of graphics I have made. Freelance work I've done belongs to the respective client.

Murder Motel, 2008-2009, map tile images for web-based game.

Crystal Clear, 2009, title, logo, ui graphics, gameplay elements, etc.

Dungeons of Dredmor, 2008, 2009-, tilesets, scenary, UI, items, achievements

Immortal Empire, 2008-2009, spell, skill, and character icons, environment objects, low-color animated spell effects.

Aragon Online, 2008,2009- , game map sprites, character portraits

Backgrounds for a cancelled project, 2010, painted backgrounds for a kid's game.

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Space Traders, 2009-2010, character portraits, mission icons, item icons, spaceship icons for facebook app game.
iHero, 2009, action/skill icons for iPhone game.

Merchant Seas, 2009, ui and banner artwork for free online mmo.

Tiles For Unspecified Game(s), 2008, tilesets, scenary items

Clockwork Fantasia, 2008, animated characters, concept art, some textures, general 2d art

Smugglers 4, 2008, various UI icons

Random Stuff, 2008-2009, This is some random artwork for whatever.
Miscellaneous digital paintings and sketches, 2008

Delta Spire, 2008, GUI + a few other graphics for freeware game

IsoStrat, 2007-2008, personal project
Though not a completed game, I made all the graphics for this project and coded the game and GUI from the ground up using Python and Pygame. It was quite a learning experience in working with graphics, particularly older style 2d graphics programming, to say the least.

Mahjong, 2007, personal project with Laura Funfer
This game was made in collaboration between myself and Laura Funfer. She coded the game in Java while I did the graphics and visual design. This game can be played online here.
(And yes, I know that this is technically called Shanghai Solitaire, not Mahjong.)