• I've been a freelance artist since that fateful December of 2007.

    Since 2008 I've been the art-guy at Gaslamp Games, a zero-capital videogame startup which we, the founding troika, finally incorporated in 2010. I'm doing work for Gaslamp when I'm not actually paying the bills. We'll ship a game any month now, I'm serious, then I can stop being a starving artist.

Art & Design Work

  • "Space Traders" by Zebra Games, 2010
    • item icons, action icons, character portraits

  • "Murder Motel" by Dotero Interactive, 2009
    • map tiles

  • "Crystal Clear" by Fractal Softworks, 2009
    • iPhone icon & title, gameplay graphics, ui art, ad banners

  • "Dungeons of Dredmor" by Gaslamp Games, 2008-2010
    • pixel-art item icons, pixel-art map tilesets & scenary, UI design & art, achievements art, story splash paintings, art direction, etc.

  • "Aragon Online" by Hexwar Games LLC, 2008-2009
    • map sprites (trees, buildings), character portraits

  • "Merchant Seas" by Mike Dosey, 2009
    • ui graphics, ship sprites, banner splash painting

  • "iHero" by Data Spire, 2009
    • action & ability icons, status & effects icons, ui graphics

  • "Clockwork Fantasia" by Gaslamp Games, 2008
    • 2d animated characters, concept art (characters, structures, environments), character portraits, UI art, painterly textures, logo

  • "Immortal Empire" by Tactic Studios, 2008-2009
    • spell & action icons, character portrait icons, low-color spell effects animations

  • "Power Play" by Mike Dosey, 2008
    • game-piece graphics & icons, UI, launcher image

  • "Smugglers 4" by Niels Bauer Games, 2008
    • some UI assets & in-game action & mission icons, modified animated marketing images

  • "Linx0r" by Besome Games, 2008
    • all graphics (UI, game pieces) for 2d casual puzzle/action game

  • "Delta Spire", 2008
    • GUI design and graphics as well as some in-game icons and graphics for freeware computer CCG/strategy game

  • And rather too many unreleased projects which I can't talk about yet.

  • To view some samples from freelance work I've done, check out my gallery.


    Alberta College of Art & Design; Calgary, Alberta
    • Majored in Media Arts and Digital Technology
    • Graduated "with distinction" based on GPA


    • Took part in the ASTECs (Art, Science & Technology) program, a collaboration between Alberta College of Art & Design's Media Arts and Digital Technology program and the University of Calgary's Human/Computer Interactions Lab; created Cosmosis in collaboration with Andrew Seniuk, a CS major from the U of C
    • Spoke at the "Common Borders: Negotiating Art & Science" symposium hosted at the Alberta College of Art & Design with Alan Dunning
    • Drew the Artscum comic for the student-run paper

    Awards & Grants:

    West Valley Community College; Saratoga, California

    • Studies focused on liberal arts

    Personal and School Projects

    Projects done for schoolwork or personal experience:
    • Abiogenesis, 2005
      • Expanded take on Conway's Game of Life based on RGB values rather than boolean values

    • Cosmosis, 2006 - 2007
      • User input tracked via IR-enabled webcam
      • Particle system rendered through OpenGL

    • Procyon, 2007
      • top-down tile-based 2d game
      • OpenGL rendering through PyOpenGL
      • simple custom GUI system

    • ATTAS, 2007
      • 2d top-down asteroids-type space shooter
      • OpenGL rendering

    • IsoStrat, 2007 - 2008
      • isometric turn-based strategy game
      • staggered 2d tile maps
      • GUI coded from scratch
      • made with Pygame (SDL)

    • Oort, 2008
      • 2d top-down asteroids-type game
      • made with Pyglet (OpenGL)

    Some samples of my personal and school projects can be seen in my gallery.


    Digital Art
    • pixel art
    • digital painting
    • textures
    • UI art & design
    • 2d animation
    • Adobe Photoshop, particularly
    Scripting & Coding
    • Web
      • HTML
      • CSS
    • Python
      • Pygame, an SDL library for Python
      • Pyglet, an OpenGL library for Python
    • And I've worked with C, Java, XML, and OpenGL.